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Personal Testimonials

Former U.S. Ambassador Delano Lewis has made thousands of speaking presentations and thousands have read his book. Here’s what a few have to say…

“Your abilities come from hard work, studying, and your belief that you too can achieve. Yes, there is discrimination. Yes, there is prejudice. Yes, there are obstacles in the greater society, but you still need to believe that you can achieve what you set out to do and prepare yourself to excel at it.” – Delano Lewis

And hence this string of radiant thought ushers in a bouquet of optimism and contemplation, opening the floodgates of confidence and zeal within oneself. Traversing through the hard earned glories of U.S. Ambassador Delano Lewis, through the silhouette of his fluorescent voyage of life, the book “It All Begins With Self” through it’s simple spontaneity certainly brought the widest smile on my face. How beautifully the book echoes the need of self-assessment and self worth, stirring the wing of dreams with the brightest of sunshine! And how fortunate I feel to have received it from the hands of the very person who embodies so much of optimism and goodness; that this book is but a glimpse of such. And as I hear this ringing in my ear, ““No one told me I couldn’t” is the mantra by which I have lived. The world is open to opportunity. It has been up to my taking advantage of those opportunities.”- Delano Lewis I shall take this blessed opportunity to thank you for gifting me with this treasure of positivity, which I shall cherish ever so dearly.

Debatrayee Banerjee

Client Testimonials

Former U.S. Ambassador Delano Lewis and his team work with clients of all sizes, from small business to medium sized to Fortune 500 companies, in every industry. Instead of restricting our involvement to one industry, we adjust the top strategies and tactics anywhere to your company and industry.

“Ambassador Lewis, a long-serving former member of our Board of Directors, has been an inspiration to Colgate leaders through his work addressing our Diversity Network Groups on leadership, personal development, culture and character. Delano, the former chair of our Governance Committee, has shared numerous life lessons in both speaking engagements and in Town Hall interview formats. His references to his book, “It All Begins With Self”, include practical and relatable action-oriented tips and provide a fantastic context to his motivational messages on taking accountability for your own successes. Whether you are looking for inspiration in the areas of diversity, mentoring, perseverance, the power of education, or whether you are looking to learn from stories of self-reflection and discovery, Ambassador Lewis can have a profound impact on his audience.”
Daniel Marsili, Colgate-Palmolive
The Boston College School of Social Work was truly honored to be able to sponsor a talk by former Ambassador Delano Lewis as part of the 2012 BC Distinguished Speakers series. His amazing and varied life experiences and leadership roles included serving in the Peace Corps, as U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, as President and CEO of National Public Radio, as attorney for the U.S Department of Justice, as an Executive with the C&P Telephone Company and as Senior Fellow at New Mexico State University. Not only is Delano an accomplished professional, he is a wonderful husband, family man, and father to 4 amazing sons.

His very informative talk at BC, “Caring for People is a Global Responsibility” was so inspirational that all in attendance left believing, “I can do this- I can give back-I can do for others here and everywhere.” This theme is also embedded in Delano’s excellent uplifting new book, It All Begins With Self!

Ruth McRoy, Boston College
There are few occurrences in life that one can truly label “life-altering.” But, that is certainly the only way to describe my fortunate encounter with former Ambassador Delano Lewis when he visited Washburn School of Law in 2009 when I was President of the International Law Society. During his visit, Delano generously spared a few minutes of time with me, during which I inquired if he had one piece of advice on life, to which he responded that “most people believe life is plan A, and that they can control the outcome to ensure plan A happens; but in reality life more often than not happens as plan b, c, or even d, and those who are open to those options, and realize that many times a path is beyond control, are often more successful and happier.”

At the time I met Delano, I was a law student who believed that I too could not only control the path after law school, but viewed the pursuit of “what’s next” with a myopic view. Taking Delano’s words of wisdom to heart, I accepted that many professional and life decisions are beyond one’s control, and my mind opened to opportunities which I may not have otherwise considered. Ultimately, following my law school graduation, I served on active duty for six years as a U.S. Coast Guard judge advocate, and recently transitioned to an Associate position with Blank Rome LLP in their Maritime Practice Group. More importantly, I found my professional and personal endeavors entirely enjoyable as I accepted the “alternate” plans in many instances—I could not be happier. To this day, I continue to “pay forward” Delano’s words to those to whom I am offering advice.

Sean T. Pribyl, Blank Rome LLP

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