Delano Lewis Courted For Post With Fauntroy

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Delano Lewis Courted For Post With Fauntroy

As D.C. mayoral hopeful Walter E. Fauntroy tries this week to consolidate his political base for the coming campaign, his advisers are urging Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. President Delano E. Lewis, a former ally of Mayor Marion Barry, to serve as Fauntroy’s finance chairman, according to sources.

Meanwhile, Barry yesterday issued his strongest denunciation to date of former confidants such as Lewis, who defected to support Fauntroy while the mayor was out of town receiving addiction treatment.

“When I’m down, they said, `The hell with him,’ ” Barry said in a speech to a session of the Youth Leadership Institute he founded more than a decade ago.

Although he mentioned no individual by name, Barry later told reporters that he was referring to political and personal friends who banded together while he was out of town to help launch Fauntroy’s mayoral bid this month.


Article by: R. H. Melton – March 21, 1990

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