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Brian Lewis is a Chef, Author and speaker. He is the third child of Delano Lewis and is currently in charge of public relations for the Ambassador.

Podcast interview for Discover Your Talent–Do What You Love

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Delano Lewis, a former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, rose from segregation-era Kansas to prominence in government, business, and the not-for-profit world. His bestselling memoir, “It All Begins with Self,” affirms his belief in the value of family, education, hard work, perseverance, mentors and supporters. His trailblazing career includes top positions [...]

CBS Interview in Richmond Virginia

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RICHMOND, Va – Attorney and Bestselling Author Delano Lewis stopped by the studio to introduce his latest project, ‘It All Begins With Self.’ Through Delano’s career as the United States Ambassador to South Africa from 1999 to 2001, the book offers real examples on how to achieve success in life.

Interview in Baltimore Maryland

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Interview in Baltimore Maryland on Sunday. Following our passion and succeeding in life, it's something we'd all like to do. Former US Ambassador to South Africa Delano Lewis shares his tips for success in his new book "It All Begins With Self."

Ambassador Delano Lewis live on WBAL NBC

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It was an early start this morning here in Baltimore Maryland with my brother Geoff and father Ambassador Delano Lewis. I'm here to help promote his new book "it all begins with self" he was live on WBAL NBC at 6:30 am. Great start to our Sunday!

Ambassador Lewis Speaks at Mandela International Magnet School

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September 19, 2014 Ambassador Lewis and his wife Gayle were invited to speak at the Mandela International Magnet School in Santa Fe New Mexico. After the speech to the  7th and 8th grades students,  Mr and Mrs Lewis received the following amazing letters from the students. September 22, 2014   Dear Ambassador and Mrs Lewis:   [...]

Delano Lewis returns to DC

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Recently, I flew from my home in Florida and met my father in Washington D.C. to begin promoting his new book. I have three brothers, two of who left D.C. years ago and now reside on the west coast, and one brother, Geoff, who still lives in the D.C. area. This was a great reunion with [...]


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The man at the helm of National Public Radio discusses the effect the computer age is having on the medium and talks about the need to stand firm in the face of political changes in Washington.   Delano Lewis knew that taking over National Public Radio would be a a tough job. But he didn't know [...]